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 CondoHive co-creates strategic and practical solutions alongside boards and management teams to deliver results that work and matter to your condo community.



Curious how your condo is doing? 

Complete the CondoHive diagnostic and get some insight to where you're performing well, and where there's room for improvement.


Have some questions? Want to have a conversation to learn more? Reach out and arrange for a free discovery meeting to learn how CondoHive can help your condo.

Helping condos

reach their full potential

Bring it to your board


CondoHive is the only condo performance partner that designs a better way forward.


Consulting through a co-creation and a collaborative process alongside board members, management and residents, we deliver long-term sustainable solutions to help your condo thrive.


We believe happy board members, happy residents, and happy management mean a happier community for all. 


See how your condo is doing.

Take the CondoHive Diagnostic.






416 877 0325

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